Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is muvee Cloud?

muvee Cloud is your personal online space where you can easily share and view photos and video with those you choose to invite. Simply sign up and invite friends and family to view and contribute their photos and video to each album you've created. You can also create fun home movies (we call them muvees) to share on muvee Cloud and post them to your blogs, Facebook and other social media sites.

Is there privacy with this type of online sharing?

With muvee Cloud, you can create a private online album for each event you want to share and choose to invite the people you want to share your photos or video with. This invitation-only sharing gives exclusive access to your friends and family without having to worry about where your pictures and video end up.

What is muvee?

muvee is the pioneer and leader in automatic video editing software. muvee's software and services feature patented technology that lets people create and share professional-quality instant home movies out of unedited video, photos and music. muvee develops consumer products for a range of platforms and devices including PCs, the online space (muvee Cloud), digital cameras, camera-equipped mobile phones and photo kiosks. Find out more about our company.

How do I invite friends and family?

You can invite your friends and family on the View page. The Invite button is on your right, and all you have to do is to enter their email addresses. You can also import the addresses from all your regular web-based email providers.

How do I send view-only invites?

If you don't want others to contribute to your album, you can choose to send view-only invites to them. Enter their email address in the invite page and then simply uncheck the Co-host option. They will appear under the "Viewers" section of the member list.

Do the people on my invite list need to sign up on muvee Cloud to view or contribute to my albums?

Each email invitation comes with a personalized link. Clicking the link goes directly to the album you've invited people to so they can add photos and video to the album, leave comments and create muvees without signing up on muvee Cloud.

How can I remind my friends to add their photos and video to the albums I've invited them to?

Simply click the name of one of the invited guests in the Invited box and click on Send a poke. Your guest will receive a friendly e-mail reminder to add their photos and video to the album. They can even reply to the email reminder with attachments and the attachments will appear in the album. It's so easy that even your busiest friends will have no excuse not to share.

Why do I have to confirm my email address to invite somebody?

When you invite somebody, we will send an email on your behalf. Confirming your email address helps prevent our system from being used to send spam or other unwanted emails. So we make sure you're really who you say you are, before sending e-mail invitations.

What media formats do you accept?

We accept photos in JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG as well as video in MPG, MPEG, WMV, MOV, AVI, QT, 3GP and MP4. When you send email attachments, muvee Cloud accepts and processes .zip files, even if they contain multiple files. Smart? Yes.

Why is my video not appearing in the album?

Before we can post a video on the web, we have to transform your video to a format that's suitable for web streaming. This may take some time but don't worry, your video will appear soon.

How can I see all the photos and video I've uploaded?

Click on Organize at the top of the screen. This will show you a list of the photos and video you've uploaded, organized by the album they're in. This is where you can choose to share or delete your photos and video.

Why do my pictures look 'cropped'?

muvee Cloud is built with an automatic face recognition technology that zooms in on faces to make the layout of multiple photos in an album view look more attractive. When you click on the individual pictures, they will return to an enlarged view and show you each photo in its original 'un-cropped' state.

How will I know when somebody adds photos or video to the album?

If you are the host or a member of the album, you'll receive an email notification whenever someone contributes photos or video to the album.

Why are my albums not listed under my name?

muvee Cloud is a some-to-some sharing site. This means the host creates a private online album and invites some people to share their photos and video. Everything is centered on a shared private album so it's about the group, not just the individual.

How do I view my albums?

Go to View and click the arrow next to the album title; alternatively, go to Organize. You'll see a list of your albums – the ones you created and the ones you were invited to.

How do I remove photos or video I'd rather not share?

If you are the album's host or are the person who added the photo or video, then click the photo or video you want to remove, followed by clicking Unshare it. If you are not the host, you will have to contact the host directly and ask him/her to remove the photos or video you don't want seen.

Can I download my albums and muvees?

You can download any album by clicking on the "Download Album" button. Choose from either free "Basic Download" - where all media is scaled down to a lower resolution for fast download speeds, or "Premium Download" for $3.95- where all media is available at its original resolution. Links to your downloads will be sent to your registered email account for your convenience.

How can I share the media in the album?

You can invite your friends into the album to view or you can choose to email an individual photo, video or muvee to your friends. In addition, you can also upload your media to your favorite social networks or even post to your blog! We're linked to 20 social networks. The choices are limitless!

Can I re-arrange the sequence of my photos and video?

Of course! You can sort your photos and video in a few ways: by date received, by date created, by file name, by view count and by comment count.

Are there different options for viewing my photos and video?

We have three layouts for you to choose from: Grid, Montage and Fancy

How do I delete my album?

Go to Organize, select the album you wish to delete and click the 'Delete album' button.

Can I change my email addresses, album notifications and muvee Cloud updates settings?

Of course you can! Head over to Account and you can change your default emails and the frequency settings.

How do I merge my albums?

You can merge your album by going to Organize. Select the album you want and click on Merge album. Then choose the album you want to combine with.

How do I rename my albums?

Simply go to Organize, click on Rename album and there you go; enter your desired album title.

How do I rename my pictures, video and muvees?

Go to View, and click on the item you wish to rename. Select 'click to edit title' on the top left side of the window.

Can I search for an album that a friend has uploaded?

Unless you have been invited to that album, you cannot directly search for albums as this would undermine the privacy of albums hosted on muvee Cloud.

Where can I find comments that others have added?

Click on any of the items in your album (tip: those with a yellow speech bubble already have comments) to view a bigger version. This will also load the comments on the right side of your screen. Simply click 'Add comment' to add your thoughts.

How do I contact someone at muvee Cloud if I have a question or comment?

If you encounter inappropriate or objectionable content or maybe you would just like us to see something that's out of this world, e-mail us at [email protected]

What is a muvee?

In addition to privately sharing your photos and video, we let you create fun home videos we like to call "muvees" in three simple steps. Once everyone has contributed to your album, you choose the content, pick a style and music, and with the click of a button, you have a muvee that you can easily share on muvee Cloud, or post on your blog, Facebook and other social networks.

How exactly do I create a muvee with my photos and video?

  1. Click 'Create a muvee'.
  2. Add photos and video to your storyboard pane.
  3. Choose a style with transitions, effects and pacing that best suits your muvee.
  4. Choose a music track.
  5. Click Finish and share your muvee with the rest of the group!

To create truly entertaining, personalized muvees, you might want to give our Desktop PC software, muvee Reveal, a shot! Learn more

Why did my muvees become higher-resolution after a while?

When we first create muvees, we make a preview-size version so it's nice and quick. Behind the scenes, we create a full-resolution version to swap out the preview-size.

What is a muvee style?

Styles set the mood of your muvee from a heart-thumping party video to heartwarming wedding video.

How do I view the muvee I have just made?

After you've added your muvee to your album, you can head back to your album and view your muvee.

Can I embed muvees on my blog?

Yes! You can embed your muvee on your blogs. What's more you can share your muvee on any of the 20 social networks we link up with.

If you want to get really technical

What browsers and operating systems do you support?

We support Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 2, Mozilla Firefox 3 on Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X and Linux.

Are my photos and video safe from power outages, natural disasters and computer crashes

Everything you upload is stored in its original size and format on our servers which are hosted in an infrastructure that's built to tolerate power outages, earthquakes, fires and floods. So yes, your files are safe.

How many photos can I upload? How many albums can I create?

You can upload as many photos and video as you please as well as create as many albums as you want. The multi-file uploader accepts photos of any dimension. When you add photos in the file-by-file uploader or by e-mail, they can be a maximum dimension of 3000x3000. Each file can be a max of 100MB.

Which photo sites can I import from?

You can import photos from Flickr, Picasa, iPhoto and Facebook. And if you give us a URL, we can grab images from a web page too.

Is muvee Cloud available in other languages?

muvee Cloud's interface is only available in English but we support the UTF-8 character set so you can use European languages, Russian, Korean, Japanese or Chinese for album titles and comments.