What's New

Export on Facebook

muvee Cloud albums can now be published on Facebook! No need to copy and paste links or invite friends and family to your albums. Now let all your "friends" see what you've been up to on Facebook. Even publish collaborative albums!

A link is added in the photo captions on Facebook to invite your friends to come to your muvee Cloud album where they can view the media in hi-res, download the entire album in original resolutions, buy a DVD, or order the prints.

To get started, go to the album that you'd like to publish. Click on the 'Export to Facebook' link. When new photos, videos, and muvees are added, you'll see the message 'Update Facebook'. Clicking on the link will add these new files to the same Facebook album.

Order prints of your muvee Cloud albums!

You can now order professional quality 4x6" prints of your muvee Cloud albums. Worldwide shipping is provided and the ordering process is a simple 2-step process. Just hit the 'Order Prints' link to get started.
Watch your muvee on TV!

Burning a Video-DVD is often a time-consuming, nerve wrecking and head scratching experience. There's a lot of hoops to jump through just to watch your muvee on TV! There's an easier way now: you can buy a Video-DVD iso image of muvees uploaded from muvee Reveal, the desktop companion to muvee Cloud. Burn the image onto a blank DVD disc, and you are all set! Not sure how that works? Don't worry, we've got step-by-step instructions for you.
Wonder what camera was used to take the photo?

Impressed by your friend's camera, and you want to get one too? Camera models are now indicated next to each photo, complete with the price from Amazon. So getting that camera is just a click-away!
Sharing Albums is now even easier!

Share an album with friends and family by sending them a link or publishing to Facebook or Twitter. Anyone who clicks on that link will be a viewer of the album. Use the "Share album" button in album view to Share or Unshare .
Buy a DVD of your album!

Now you can order a DVD of an album for only $14.95 (Including free shipping).You can find this option under "download album" and "DVD Archive". You can also order a DVD for friends and family.
New invitee status!

We've introduced a new class of invitees - "Viewer". Now you can invite friends to only view your album, not contribute. You can change this at any time.
Full screen preview!

Photos and video can now be viewed in HD resolution! Click on the "Full screen" button to display a large version of your photos and video.
Post to youtube!

Videos and muvees can now be posted to YouTube! Click on the drop down next to the Facebook icon to select YouTube.
Use tagged photo as avatars!

You can now select a photo where you are tagged to be your avatar.
Rate media!

Click 'Like it' on the photos, video or muvee that you like!
Copy media from one album to another!

Media can now be copied from one album to another. This is useful when the same media is to be shown to different groups of friends or belongs to different albums.
Allow the date when the photo was taken to be changed!

Sometimes the date information on photos can be missing or garbled by other applications. This information can now be corrected by clicking on the 'Date taken' link
Improved support for video taken by iPod Nano, Flip, and mobile phones!

Support for popular video devices has been updated. Video taken by Flip cameras, iPod Nano, and many phones is now supported
Face Tagging!

Go to your favorite photo and click on the faces you'd like to tag. If your friend isn't already a member of the album, you can also send email invites while you tag!
Add an Avatar!

Noticed those funky faces appearing next to your name nowadays? It's your automatic avatar! But if you don't like the one we've chosen for you, upload your own avatar on the Account page!
Download the Album!

We've introduced Premium Album Downloads! Now you can download all the media from any album you are a member of at original high resolution for just $3.95!